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Whether you’re on the search for the 03 best celebrity homes of 2020 and a few design inspiration or just trying to think of your ultimate dream celebrity homes, possibly there’s not any greater place to collect thoughts than in the homes of the celebrity.

we ideals celebrity a lot so here are the 03 best celebrity homes designs. By three-hundred foot ceilings, just painted murals, innovative landscapes and unusual amenities, stars, and the designers and architects that assist them to go above and beyond to make their houses as purposeful and magnificent as you can.

Celebrity Homes 01: Jason Statham’s Malibu Beach Home

For British actor Jason Statham, the decision in 2009 to buy a Malibu beach home wasn’t part of this strategy. He did not even know if it’d be a sound investment. He urges, the thought came about while staying with a friend in their Malibu Colony home. “It created such an impact on me personally,” he recalls.

“In the U.K. we don’t get to the shore, and these homes have a great connection with the sea and character.” Morning walks along the sand glimpsing rich sea life and surfers riding swell proved irresistible. “I was in L.A. quite a while, but I just thought, This is the place I would like to live,” says Statham.

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02: Elle Macpherson Florida Home

Over the span of her celebrated career as a supermodel, wellness warrior, entrepreneur, and mother of 2, Elle Macpherson has orchestrated the design and construction of numerous homes in the U.S. and abroad, often in cooperation with some of the planet’s leading interior-design talents.

This seems more contemporary, embracing a sustainable approach to design taking the best of everything you already have and repurposing it for a brand new life.

Fortunately for Macpherson, that criterion–the very best of what she has applies to a trove of artworks from Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Prince, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Lucian Freud, Damien Hirst, and other titans of 20th- and 21st-century artwork; a photography collection, built over many years with the Assistance of Hamiltons Gallery in London, that includes works by Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst, Richard Avedon, and Robert Mapplethorpe; and an outfit of furnishings with a concentration of exemplary pieces by Jean Royère, Studio Job, and Marc Newson.

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03: Hans Hofmann’s Former Painting Studio in Provincetown

Four years ago, TV maestro Ryan Murphy ushered his husband, photographer David Miller, into the Provincetown studio in which Abstract Expressionist Hans Hofmann once painted and taught.

Thanks to the efforts of later owners, its best features had survived–a gigantic window, a humongous hearth, and above it, a dizzying perch that let Hofmann’s acolytes peer down at art from the making.

Since Murphy and Miller reversed through archival photos of Hofmann arranging still life’s or even the limbs of human models, they shared an urge: Safeguard this distance.

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